Relocating your house is not easy. It is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks one has to accomplish because you have to pack and move everything you have gathered after years of living in your house. From showpieces in your living room to furniture in your bedroom, everything needs to be carefully packed and moved to your new house.

There are a number of professional packers and movers that make the process easier and less intimidating. For example, if you decide to take only a few items and leave behind the rest, you can opt for backload moving service of a professional company. Not only does backload moving helps in relocating your essential items safely, but also helps in saving considerable amount of money and time.

However, even if you are availing the service of a professional company, you need to do your homework. You cannot, or rather should not, depend entirely on your packer and mover. Certain items, which are expensive and close to your heart, should be packed by you alone. More often than not, fragile items break while moving. This is when a few packing supplies become essential for people moving houses.

The essential packing supplies to have while moving

Since packing household items and moving your house is already a time-consuming process, you certainly don’t want to waste anymore time packing and moving items individually. The process of moving a house becomes a lot easier and simpler with a few packing supplies. Below is a list of essential packing supplies that you should certainly have while moving your house:

Boxes: Boxes of different sizes are useful to pack different household items. Usually, rectangular boxes are ideal for placing different items. Heavy-duty boxes are ideal for packing heavy items. Moreover, these boxes are readily available on our website. 

If you have a large box, you can place a number of lightweight items in it. Such boxes makes it easier for you to move these items. You should also avoid cramming these boxes with many items because they can form lumpy surfaces. Underfilling these boxes also cause these boxes to collapse under the weight of other boxes. Ideally, mirror boxes, kitchen boxes and wardrobe boxes should be used to packing fragile items.

Sealing tape: Once you place your items in boxes, you need to seal them. A strong sealing tape can help you do so. You can use a shipping tape to seal boxes, duct tape for closing and reinforcing heavier boxes, masking tape for labeling boxes and a painter’s tape for frame hanging and painting projects in your new house. You should at least stock up two rolls of each tape so that you don’t run out while packing and moving. Sealing the boxes with tape prevent the flaps from opening and exposing items to damage.

Accessories: The sealing tape is not the end of the list of accessories you need while moving. Scissors, permanent markers, labels, bubble wrap and packing paper  are needed for easy packing and unpacking of items. You will need scissors to cut packing tapes, bubble wrap rolls and packing paper. If you are moving furniture with drawers and doors, you will need a stretch wrap so that they don’t fall out while moving them. Packing paper and bubble wrap are useful for packing breakable and fragile items. Arrange for these items before hand and keep them handy so that you don’t waste time while packing and moving your household items.

Moving blankets: Some of your most-prized assets may require moving blankets for extra protection. You may wrap a moving blanket around a piece of furniture and prevent it from getting damaged during the move. Moreover, moving blankets protect furniture from scratches and stains. Although moving blankets aren’t always necessary, you can use them to eliminate the fear of damage to your expensive items.

Mattress bags: If you don’t want to pack mattresses in special canvas bags or large cardboard boxes, you can buy plastic mattress bags at an affordable price. The best part about using plastic mattress bags is that they protect your mattresses from rain and dust. With their plastic covering, they prevent water from seeping through them and reach the contents. However, even though there is a plastic layer protecting it, you should remember not to place the mattress on a wet surface.

Carpet and floor protection: Carpets and flooring items are expensive and vulnerable to damage. The risk of damage increases during poor weather conditions. But that shouldn’t stop you from moving them to your new house. You can use carpet protectors to ensure that your carpets remain safe during the move. There are several inexpensive options available in the market. Moreover, you can also find protectors that stick to your carpet and protect them against dirt and spills.

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