Making sure your belongings get shifted from your present to your new home in one piece is challenging enough as it is when you’re planning on moving to the suburbs from Auckland. Even with professional house packers and furniture movers, care must be taken to make sure that your items are packed properly and transported safely from one location to the other.

Shifting glass items is especially tricky because these fragile items can break into pieces if they’re not packed properly with professional East Auckland Movers or West Auckland Movers such as Easy Move Furniture Removals.   

If you’re not going to be making use of Henderson Movers or Movers in Auckland for packing and shifting, you need to take special care when packing glass items so that they don’t break on the move.

Here’s a guide to help you out.

Put together the right supplies

Not all glass items are the same so you need to make sure you plan ahead and do some research on what the specific needs to each glass item may be. You may have glass cutlery and even a glass tabletop counter, both of which will require a different approach to packing, so check the packing needs of the specific glass items you have.

Regardless of the item, you will need to keep certain supplies handy when trying to pack glass items for a move. In general, it’s a good idea to keep cardboard cell boxes or heavy-duty cardboard boxes for your items. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap, packing paper, newspaper, towels, or other cloth items to add to the packing boxes.

You should also keep packing tape and markers ready so that you can label each packed box and won’t have any confusion about what each box contains when you get to the new house. Professional house packers and furniture movers will do this for you very carefully.    

Secure your boxes with enough tape 

It’s not enough to just have the right boxes ready to pack your glass items into; you need to make sure you secure them properly using enough tape at the bottom before putting your items inside. Once you’ve packed a box till it is full, you also need to make sure you secure it at the top properly so that there is no chance of the box giving way midway through the move and resulting in all your glass items breaking.

Glass items will make your box heavy so a heavy-duty box that is secured in place using enough tape is necessary to prevent breaking your glass items.  

Wrap glass items properly with packing paper 

Make use of packing paper to wrap the different glass items. Roll the paper over the item and then tuck it in so that it is kept secure in place. You should avoid using newspaper for this as it may result in the ink sticking to the items. If you’re wrapping glasses, put the crumpled paper into them and then wrap them, using an extra layer over more fragile sections such as the stem of wine glasses. You can even add bubble wrap over this if you still hear the clink of the glass when trying to put it into the box. Just don’t add bubble wrap directly to the glass as it can create a suction effect and cause the glass to break. Make sure you add it only after using packing paper as the first layer.    

Build a cushion base and fill empty spaces

Make use of your towels and other cloth items to line the base of the cardboard boxes you’re going to be packing glass items into. These provide the right amount of cushioning effect to prevent items from breaking with the friction that is inevitably experienced during a move. You also need to make sure that any empty spaces left in the box after you’ve packed it till the top are filled with towels and cloth so that the same cushioning effect can be created.  

It is also important that you add a layer of cushioning using towels and cloth to the top once the box has been filled.  

Pack from heaviest to lightest 

Start by filling the base of the box with the heaviest glass items you have. This could betray, large bowls, plates, or other items. Plan your packing in such a way that you pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones towards the top of the box. This will ensure that the heavy items can take the weight of the lighter ones on top. If you don’t take precautions to ensure this, you could end up packing your lighter items first and then the heavier ones which will result in the lighter ones breaking from being unable to take the weight of the heavier ones.   

Label boxes containing glass and other fragile items 

Make sure you write “Fragile” on all sides of the boxes that have been packed with glassware and other fragile items. This will make sure you’re more careful while shifting, or if you’re using the services of professional furniture movers, it will make them more careful when shifting boxes. 

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