The trick with packing is to be ORGANISED.

Packing Furniture services in Auckland and TaurangaMake sure you have enough packing material to do the job. Prepare a prioriy carton to go on last, then first off the truck. This might include essentials from your kitchen and bathroom, or any items needed for easy access.

Start room by room marking the box clearly which room they will go into at your new home. Mark fragile on boxes that have breakables, so the furniture movers will take extra care. Dismantle beds or any items needing to be dismantled before your move. When taking the bed apart, bind the frames together with tape or rope. Furniture removalists usually take the bed legs off bed bases so they are easy to turn around corners and they may place them into the closest top bedside drawer, or drawers so they dont get lost.You dont need to take clothing out from your drawers, but please have any fragile or heavy items removed. Furniture movers may need to take the drawers out if they need to judging on weight. To stop them falling out in transit we place the item with the drawers facing the wall against a bigger item with a flat surface, like beds, so there is no need to tape them up.

Problems some people have these days are getting beds up narrow stair-cases, some bed bases just dont fit up there. In this case we may have to lift them over a balcony, or any other un-ordinary items that may not fit up the stair-case. (this may sound extreme but our professional movers are trained to do this safely and professionally so there is no worry). Cover tables with old linen or blankets. If you can, remove the legs. Wrap the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tie to a leg, or put in a safe place. Roll up your carpets and rugs and secure with rope or tape. Bedside lamps are better to be taken in a car, or dismantled and protected. Try not to wrap fragile items in newspaper, as the print will come off on them. You will just have to wash everything before you can put it away. If you dont want to buy wrapping materials save up magazines for a few weeks beforehand. Try to have all electrical items packed back into there original boxes with there wiring and remotes in the same box for easy assembling at the other end.

Thoroughly clean and dry inside fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

Remember to take down all wall hangings or anything behind doors, as paintings or photo frames are a lot safer being protected with bubble wrap.

Please take glass shelves out of fridges, and emptying the drip tray is a good idea. Fridge or freezers are usually the last items to go onto the truck, so it is first off. Fridge or freezers need to sit for at least half an hour after being moved so the gas can settle down.

Try not to leave packing till the last minute as it may generate on the moving day. Time may tick up on the bill at the end of the job.

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