Moving! It’s always a chore.

Relocating can be a huge and rigorous task. Getting to your destination is only half the way there. The real obstacles lie in getting your belongings to the place. Be it shifting your home or office, this requires preparation and tools. Although it is always advised to hire a professional moving company in case of massive shifts, there are times when one has to rely on oneself for making the change in location. There are different types of containers, wrapping materials, safety packages, and tapes available in the market. One should make an assessment of one’s belongings and make an estimate of the resources required. Read on to find some of the essential items required for efficient packing and moving.

Boxes, boxes everywhere

There’s an old household wisdom that says ‘never throw your boxes away’. Whenever you buy new merchandise, it comes in a box of its own with custom packaging and cushions. Preserving such boxes allows you to pack your delicate items perfectly. Boxes are available everywhere. Check your local grocery or liquor stores for boxes of various sizes. Liquor stores often have boxes with partitions made; these are perfect for storing your glassware. Pack the heavier items tightly in small boxes. The lighter objects can be packed loosely in large boxes. Make sure to fill your box up to the capacity. Overfilling might result in bumpy edges which are difficult to tape together. Also, sharp protruding edges are locations of wear and tear. Underfilling your boxes are also a no-go as they might crumble under the weight of the other packages. Perfectly filled boxes can be stacked in trucks or carriages with ease.

A variety of tapes

To pack your boxes securely, you need tape. Lots and lots of tape. You need high-grade shipping tape for sealing, masking tape for labeling, and duct tape for reinforcements. You might also want to get a special painting tape if you plan to carry pieces of art. Buying two rolls of each is recommended. You will run out of tape sooner than you think. Scissors and box cutters obviously go with tapes. You should have both for multiple purposes.

Markers and stickers

Bold markers are a must-have for labeling your various packages. You can also write important information on them such as fragile or delicate markings, loading order, addresses, and owner’s name. Expert movers also use various color-coded stickers to distinguish between their luggage. Colors can be assigned according to room, utility, and sophistication in handling or ownership. It’s an effective method to reuse your boxes as stickers can be replaced again and again.

Wrap it up safely

Various kinds of protective materials are required for household relocation. Your glassware and other delicate items should be stuffed with wrapping paper at the hollows and packed in bubble wrap. You can easily get both from your local home store. Even recycled or unused newspaper will do the job. Foam frames that come with your digital equipment are to be used while packaging them securely. To pack bigger objects like tables, bureaus or doors, use stretch wraps. They stick to the surface providing a protective layer without leaving any residue.

Make sure to carry your basic furniture and equipment toolkit to reassemble your belongings at your new location. You can also use large trash bags to carry miscellaneous items that don’t break easily. Food and perishable items must be carried in air-tight, sealed bags. You can even use blankets and rugs to securely pack large screens and computer equipment.   

Not a bad idea to get help

You might often require major assistance during a large scale relocation. You might also need help in procuring the correct form of transport- from pick-ups to large trucks. In such cases, it always a good idea to hire professional help.

Easy Move Furniture Removals provide one of the best Packaging and moving services in the country. They provide efficient and careful furniture packaging, home and even office relocation services. They plan weeks ahead of the actual relocation considering the safety and quantity of packages. They provide customized packaging for every kind of ware such as kitchen appliances and antiques, sofas and beds, and even pool tables and pianos.

They also provide end-to end-service, ensuring the complete rearranging and restructuring of your new premises. Their transportation services are covered by insurance for any liability or damage. With their cost-effective and time-saving processes, they are one of the major players in the moving and packaging business.

Different kinds of households have different packing needs. It is important to identify your situation and prioritize accordingly. Starting ahead and ensuring availability of the basics like transportation and the packaging equipment mentioned above covers a lot of ground immediately. 

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