NZ Moving Company holds insurance covers for –

  • Public Liability
  • Carriers Liability
  • Full Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Before we get started on moving your furniture and belongings, we would request you to go through our insurance details and the coverage limits that they operate under.

Our liability covers offer the following coverage as per norms.

Public Liability – Covers Third Party Property Damage but only where we are proven to be negligent. For example, damage to your property caused by us accidentally dropping an item.

Carriers Liability – Our insurance cover under the Contract and Commercial Act 2017 is limited to loss or damage that is intentionally caused by us while your items are in transit.

Carriers Liability Insurance covers your furniture and belonging while it is in transit and only if damaged as a consequence of the carrying vehicle being involved in a fire, collision, or overturning.

The insurance policy clearly states that these goods are to be carried at OWNER’S RISK. This means the carrier is liable to pay you NO COMPENSATION if the goods are not lost or damaged intentionally.

Items covered under “Carriers Liability Insurance” will be eligible for a limited cover of $20,000 max. per load, with $2000 per item max. and an excess of $500. If your items exceed $2000 or you require a more comprehensive cover, you will need to contact your own insurance company. You can also call 0508 467873 to insure your goods beyond the coverage we offer (forms attached below).

Certain items are not covered by our insurance policy. These include –

  • Electrical appliances (We shall not be liable for damages if they fail to operate at the new address).
  • Items that are already cracked, damaged, torn, scratched, or dented at the time of packing.
  • Potted plants
  • Items packed by clients
  • Glass


Contact your insurance company for a comprehensive insurance plan

If you require a more comprehensive insurance plan that offers wider coverage, we would advise you to please contact your insurance company for Transit Insurance of your household and personal effects. Your standard Home Contents policy will not usually provide cover for Household Goods in Transit.

You can also call our partners Northcrest Insurance Brokers, stating NZ Moving Company, on 0508 4 67873.


To book our services, please call 0800 432 796.