Finding your dream home isn’t easy at all. The desperation to bring a change in your life may push you to change your surroundings. Yes, changing your home does make sense if you have lived in your current home for years now. Also, if you have a new job, you may have to find out a new house for the purpose of saving time on travelling.

No matter what the reason behind your relocation may be, it’s not easy to find a house where you would love to live for the rest of your life (or until the next change in life comes about).

House hunting just not about finding a listing on a website, meeting with the owner, making the payment, and moving into your lovely new home. There are a number of aspects, from finances to home renovations, that you need to take care of.

If you are grappling with these challenges while looking for a new house, don’t worry, you are not alone.

The struggles involved in house hunting

But you need to keep in mind that certain struggles are inevitable in house hunting. In fact, it’s worth going through these because they teach you a lot. A professional moving and packing company can help you finally pack and move into the new one without hassles. But there are a few challenges which you have to overcome on your own:

  • The odd opening hours of estate agents: How do you plan to meet an estate agent between 12 and 6 pm when you will be perhaps glued to your computer screen at work? That’s the challenge you will have to overcome while hunting for a new house. Real estate agents have really odd working hours. Moreover, they are off on weekends. Taking out time to meet them is the first thing you need to do.
  • The estate agent will never email you: Yes, that’s another difficult part in dealing with estate agents. They love phone calls. No matter how many emails you write to them, they never bother to respond. So you finally have to surrender and pick up your phone. This could be really challenging when you have your boss hovering you at work for that presentation.
  • But you are sure to get many voicemails: If you come back home tired after hunting houses, don’t be surprised. You will probably get used to voice mails from estate agents after a few days of house hunting. Sometimes, the beeping device can get on your nerves when the kind of offers you get are completely irrelevant.
  • The awkwardness when you have to judge the house: Not in private, but before the current occupants of the house. It can be very awkward. You may feel like ripping that gaudy wallpaper apart, but you can’t do anything about it. You can only act a little polite and say you would get back to them, as soon as possible.
  • Your budget may be small for your preference: After travelling for miles to see a vacant home, you may simply fall in love with it. But what about the money? Will you be able to afford that house? If no, then you are sure to be heartbroken. House hunting will surely put you in situations when you finally find your dream home but your budget falls flat.
  • The Internet can be misleading: The worst part about house hunting is our over-dependence on the Internet. You may come across a really nice house on one of the websites and you get there only to realize that it is already sold. You may feel like screaming out of frustration, but what can you do? Probably it’s all part of the learning curve. So don’t rely completely on online advertisements while hunting houses.
  • Understanding the real estate lingo isn’t easy: Even if you find your dream house, you won’t be able to move unless you comply with legal and financial requirements. All those heavy legal and financial terms may simply seem Greek to you. Moreover, you might even need a compass to know what a “south-facing front yard” means. In short, you have to have your real estate vocabulary in place.
  • EMI payments vs rent: Now it’s time for your intuition to lead you. Do you want to buy the house on EMI payments or rent it for the next couple of years that you intend to live there? The call is yours to take. But it’s certainly a dilemma till you get an accurate estimate of the cost.

The aforementioned struggles are simply unavoidable. If you want to get your dream house, you have to be prepared for unpleasant situations. But sooner or later, you realize that the stress wasn’t that bad because you finally have the house you were always looking for! 

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