Dogs are man’s best friend, and to many pet parents, dogs are family! When you decide to move to the suburbs, there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy so can your dog. From ample space to run and play to being close to nature, your canine friend can reap the benefits of suburban life. But have you wondered if your dog will be a part of the adventurous journey? Will they adjust to the new life? Dogs are creatures of routine and a major change, such as a move, can be overwhelming to them.

Does moving affect a dog?

Moving can be stressful for you, especially if you are short of time. Between coordinating with furniture movers to changing your address, saying goodbye, you would wish you had more time and energy. You may think your dog has nothing to worry about! But did you know that while you are packing and doing things that are not a part of your daily routine, your dog is feeling anxious and stressed? 

Here are some signs that your dog is stressed!

  • They will pace or shake more than they usually do
  • They whine more or their barking is intensified
  • Long yawns and excessive licking are a sign
  • They showcase dilated pupils and blink rapidly and frequently
  • They tuck their rail and become more rigid
  • They start shedding their coat/fur
  • They start to pant more often
  • Loss of bowel movement, loss of appetite are stress indicators
  • They hide often, engage in digging or circling, or escape more often

Your dog may not show all signs, but if you observe at least one, then it is a sign that they need you more than you need help from House packers and movers Auckland. There are a lot of things you can do to make a move easier for your dog while the West Auckland movers help you with yours.

How to reduce stress while you move with a dog?

While moving to Auckland suburbs with your dog, here are something you can do to ensure that you, as well as your canine friend, feel comfortable!

  • Condition them to move supplies

Your dog may feel uncomfortable around cardboard boxes and rolls of duct tape, especially if they take over your home. Moving supplies lie around everywhere when moving day is close by, and your dog may feel nervous having them around. To make them comfortable, introduce moving supplies before you start packing. Let them sniff and examine, and they will be less alarmed of these things taking over their home.

  • Follow the routine

When you are moving to a new home, you lose track of time in packing and other activities, especially when you don’t hire Henderson Movers. But when you have a dog, you must follow a routine since dogs are tied to routine. A recognizable routine helps them to trust in their environment. It keeps their level of stress down while you fulfill your responsibilities.

  • Introduce them to their new home before the move

Dogs feel more anxious when they are forced to live in new places. Sudden changes to their lives, to their routine, can cause stress. Instead, introduce them to the new place before you make a move. Visit the place a couple of times so your dog is familiar with the place. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you are moving to a different state.

  • Keep their belongings handy

Dogs feel comfortable having familiar items around them. Their anxiety is piqued when they are introduced to something new. When you hire Auckland movers, make sure that you keep your dog’s belongings handy, such as their bed, toys, and crate among others. Let these items be the last thing you pack in your old home and the first thing you unpack in your new suburban home. As the items carry their scent, dogs will feel calm and comfortable when introduced to the new home.

  • Exercise, play, entertain

Physical activity is important for both the physical and mental health of your dog. When you keep your god entertained with exercise and play, they tend to feel less anxious about the activities that surround them, especially with packing. Moving can be overwhelming, and you may lack the time! Why don’t you ask a dedicated friend to help?

  • Set up a retreat spot

Moving can cause stress to your dog unless you find ways to reduce stress. Set up a space for your dog in your home where they can retreat while you take help from East Auckland movers. Let this space be the last thing you wrap in your old home and the first thing you arrange in your new home.

  • Keep them out of the picture on move day

On the day of the move, make sure that your dog is with a good friend whom they are comfortable with, instead of with you in the presence of furniture removals. Dogs often feel anxious and restless when they find strangers handling their belongings. Keep your dog away somewhere they are comfortable.

You may not be able to eliminate the stress your dog feels when you move. But you can reduce it to make them feel comfortable.

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