Your sofas and recliners provide you with a lot of comfort when you are at home and you will spend a lot of time using them at your place. They are an absolutely essential piece of furniture that each home should have and are great for a variety of reasons.

When guests come over, they can sit on these and if you are trying to work, setting up office space on the sofa is a great option too. But while moving them, a number of things can happen to them. Not only are they prone to scratching, but they can also get discoloured while moving. 

To avoid damage and discolouration during your move, here is a list of things you can do –

Pack them well

It is no surprise that a well-packed item will not get damaged during a move. Discolouration can happen due to staining or even overexposure to sunlight. This means that a couch or recliner is at great risk while you move.

You can minimize these by packing your furniture well with bubble wrap and plastic sheets. Not only do you protect them from getting scratched up but you also avoid them from getting dull. Your sofas are mostly in a shaded space for their entire life. If you suddenly move them out and keep them in sunlight for a few hours, the damage is done and can be irreversible. 

This is one of the main reasons why packers and movers pack your items before moving. Opaque or translucent sheets work really well but moving blankets should do the trick too.

Once they lose their colour, there is no going back, so prevention is better than cure. 


You should avoid stains on your sofa or recliner at any cost. These may seem like comfort items, but getting stains out of them can be a nightmare for most. We have become accustomed to eating, painting our nails, or just having drinks on our sofas, but it is in your best interest not to do that.

Once you clean with an agent, it can lose its shine at the spot. If you use something chemically strong, it might take care of the stain but decolour the spot.

The same is the case when you are moving it. Put a plastic sheet on top of it so that you can avoid getting dirt or stains on it. The plastic sheets act as a protective layer and not only prevents the wear and tears of moving but also potential stains. 

Clean it before moving

Dirt can scratch up the sofa, and if there is any form of liquid there, it can stain the recliner too. This is one of the most important precautions that one must take while moving. Not only that, but you should also have it clean before it is packed for moving.

This avoids not only potential staining but also discolouration. As the dirt settles on the furniture, it makes it look dull and it gets worse as it ages. This is why you should clean and dust your furniture on a daily basis. Discolouration takes either a few hours or a matter of days to happen. If you regularly clean your furniture, then it will not get discoloured easily. On the other hand, if you do not take care, it can go dull very easily.  

It is at risk when moving, but that does not mean that you should slack off on regular cleaning. This is why cleaning is important regularly and even before the move. 

Take action immediately

If you see that your furniture is getting discoloured you should work to reverse it as soon as possible. Once the colour fades completely, it will be very hard to get it back to its original shade. This is why one should always ask for expert advice when dealing with sofas and recliners. 

Not only that, you should ask a mover how you can pack them in the best way to avoid this. In most cases, the movers will also be able to tell you some neat tricks and tips that will help you out a lot. 

This is why we at NZ Moving Company have been the best in the game since our establishment. Not only do we get the job done, but we also make sure that the client is happy too.

If you search for “Furniture removals Auckland” or “Movers Auckland Furniture Movers” or “ moving with Auckland Suburbs” we will come out on top every time. This is because we take customer satisfaction seriously and will not stop till you are happy. Feel free to contact us, and our expert will be more than happy to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts regarding moving and packing. 

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