Backloads are normally the same day or the next day from the pickup.


Prefer 3 to 4 days prior to the move but we can arrange last minute jobs for the same day or next depending on our workload. 

Please send us an email. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as we are not fully booked on the changed date.

To ensure your belongings are as safe and secure as possible it will be a good idea to have insurance as being transported on a Furniture Removal Truck does have risks.


We charge to the nearest 15 minutes after the 1st hour

As you can imagine, every household has more or fewer items. 

So you can get an idea for a standard household with good access.

1 bedroom takes around1 hour
2 bedrooms2 hours
3 bedrooms3 hours

With 3 bedroom houses or more we do recommend 3 men.

To get an idea of loading and unloading times with a standard household and good access with 2 men.

1 bedroom takes around        1.0 hour to load      1 hour to unload
2 bedrooms1.0 –   1.5 hours load      1 hour to unload
3 bedrooms1.25 – 2.0 hours load1.0 – 1.25hrs unload
4 bedrooms2.0 –   2.5 hours load1.5 –   2.0hrs unload

We operate from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm -7 days a week.

Man and Van

Yes, we do at an excellent rate around the Auckland area. For more information please view here.

Moving Accessories

Yes, all trucks come with moving blankets ties, and trolleys.

Packing Materials

Yes we do. Please click here to view. 

Packing Service

To see the Packing Supplies we recommend them for different-sized households varying from Studio Apartments to large households.        

Yes we have a Packing Service. We can also arrange packing materials to be delivered to your door.

You can pack your belongings yourself or we can pack some or all of your items. We can also unpack your items at your new address.

Yes we do. Please check out our information in our blog posts.

Clothing and non-breakable items are fine to be left in the drawers, but please remove any delicate or breakable items.

Moving locally the fridge is usually the last item that goes on the Furniture Removal Truck and is the 1st item to come off.

The fridge needs to wait for at least 1/2 an hour for the gas to settle before turning the fridge on at the new address.

Please have all the food from the fridge removed. Frozen food in the freezer can stay in the freezer if it is going to be used at the new address.

Yes the Moving guys can unpack your items for you. Please let us know before the move that you will like this service done for you. 

Yes the guys can do this service. Please let us know before the move that you will like this service done.


The deposit will be sent out 7 days before your move.

We accept Cash Internet Banking or online banking from the invoice. 

Visa or Mastercard – on completion of the job.

Clients going into storage are required to pay before unloading into the storage unit.

Service Areas

NZ Moving Company service as far as Cape Reinga to Wellington and everywhere in between in the North Island. Targeting all areas like Hastings, Napier, Wanganui, and Thames. We can move you inter-island to places like Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island or the South Island.

Furniture Moving Company services the Franklin District like Pukekohe, Pokeno, and Waiuku.

North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland like East Tamaki, Botany Downs, Pakuranga, Bucklands Beach on regular occasions.


Secured storage facility available in a safe, dry, and monitored location in Manukau and Pukekohe, Auckland. We can also arrange storage in various places throughout the North Island if required.

No, we do need you on-site if we are putting furniture into the Storage Unit. Padlocks and padlock keys are not the guy’s responsibility to hold on to or post back to you in the mail. If the Storage Unit has been arranged with the Storage Company to open the storage unit for the guys and you will be on the other end that will be fine.

Trademe Delivery Service

Yes we do, we offer competitive rates for Trademe items. For more information on this Trademe Delivery Service please view here.


We have Big trucks and small trucks, ranging in different sizes from 20cm2 to 60cm2.

No, we try to match the truck with your moving load to fit.

We cannot take the following

AnimalsCar Batteries
Charged scuba tanksFertilizer 
Flammable liquidsFish tanks with fish inside
Guns and AmmunitionLPG Bottles, Petrol, or Fuel. 
 Marble – Granite or Slate  unless crated for transport

Let them know that you are moving so if they need to move their cars or need to trim a tree it is sorted before the truck turns up on the day.


It will be a great idea to be prepared for rain on a moving day with the following.

  • Clean towels – to wipe down the furniture at the new address.
  • Tarpaulins – which the Movers can use to cover furniture from A to B.
  • Waterproof clothing. Just in case.
  • Large roll of plastic or old blankets – to protect the carpet and flooring.

Moving in the rain is not fun but the Movers will make sure to be extra careful in such conditions.