Moving can be confusing and overwhelming. Not only do you have to go through the ordeal of selling the old home and buying a new one, but you also have to plan the big move. It is a lengthy and stressful experience, especially if you are relocating interstate. If you don’t plan this properly, the chances are that you will end up making a lot of mistakes and spending a lot more money than you have to.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can save money while moving interstate through Backloading.

What is backloading?

In simple terms, Backloading is a moving option where you load onto a truck returning back from a journey. It works out well for you as well as the moving company since you save cost and the latter doesn’t have an empty truck on the way back home. One important aspect of backloading is that you will have to pay for the space you take. So, instead of having to rent a complete truck, you will be renting space.

What are the benefits of backloading?

Here are some benefits that you will be able to enjoy with Backloading:

  1. You will save money on moving costs

Moving can be extremely heavy on your budget. The entire process can put a strain on your financial wellbeing. However, it is also important that you don’t make any compromises on the quality. What you can do is choose the Backloading option that allows you to save money on your interstate move. In this ideal option, you won’t be hiring an entire truck to move your belongings. You will be sharing the truck with the other customers and paying for the space your belongings take up. In short, it is an inexpensive moving option for you, especially if you have to move a few items or are running out of budget.

  1. You will have no shortage of backloading opportunities

At any given time, most of the moving companies have several trucks on the road. This gives you a multitude of backloading opportunities. All you need to do is contact the moving company and organize backloading for the required date.

  1. You can rest assured knowing that your belongings are safe

Some people believe that backloading is an unsafe option and there are a lot of risks involved in the procedure. However, the truth is far from that. All experienced moving services companies ensure that all of their solutions have the highest safety level and same service quality. All of your belongings will be taken care of, from the initial to the final destination. And, if you still aren’t convinced, you can go for a reputed company that also offers goods-in-transit insurance. So, using the backloading option won’t make a single difference in security and service quality. Your possessions will remain under protection against damages during the journey.

  1. You will only have to transport yourself and your family

Since you are hiring professionals for moving, you won’t have to put in a lot of effort. Once you have booked the schedule, you have freed yourself from the hassles of hiring and driving a truck while making multiple long-distance trips. Backloading saves you from the inconvenience involved in interstate moving.

  1. You don’t have to make an advance booking

One of the biggest benefits of selecting the backloading moving option is that you must not book a moving company far in advance. Even if you have to move on short notice, you can transit your belongings easily. Since moving companies always have trucks coming back and forth, there is always some space for accommodating commercial or household possessions. So, if you are moving in a hurry, choosing to backload for your moving requirements will save you some time as well as money.

It is important to note that trucks have a schedule. The only way for you to take advantage of the backloading option is by ensuring that your timing is right. Moving companies want to cover their cost of returning home while you want a cheap moving option. So, in order for both parties to get what they want, they must be willing to compromise. As a customer, you must be flexible with the moving and delivery dates. You have to communicate with the company to ensure that each of your belongings fit inside the available space. Apart from this, you have to label your items. Following the right procedure is crucial to reduce the risk of having your belongings displaced.

Whether or not you select the backloading option depends on your individual requirements. The backloading option will suit you well if you have a tight budget and have to move interstate. Another aspect that can affect our decision is the moving company. You need to select a company that has experience in handling such moves. At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we provide regular backloading trips to places like Auckland to Hibiscus Coast, Auckland to Coromandel, Auckland to Hamilton, Auckland to Kerikeri, Auckland to Wellington, and Auckland to Tauranga. We can make moving a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

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