If you are in the middle of moving from your house, you may come across a situation where you need to deliver just a single item via movers and packers. Usually such items include a single piece of furniture or maybe a very small quantity of items. This can prove to be difficult since this particular piece of furniture may be fragile and transporting it to your new home might actually mean forcing it into a small vehicle and taking the risk of damaging it.

Employing a delivery service to transport just a single item seems to be impractical as well. Well, it seems as though the moving experts have just the solution for you.

Movers and packers today have the single item delivery service. Just as the name suggests, a single item delivery service enables you to transport valuable pieces of furniture at reasonable prices.

The service can be easily used by both individuals and corporations.

Usually, the people involved in a single item delivery service are experienced operators who know just how to handle valuable furniture. This is important in order to avoid your furniture from getting damaged during the transport from one place to another. In most cases, a single item delivery service consists of a moving van large enough to hold furniture and a team of two to three people, usually an operator and his or her assistants.

The advantages of using a single item delivery service

You can easily organize the time when you want your item to be collected and delivered. The service works on a schedule in order to serve clients better.

The move will be professional and your furniture will be handled with proper care and caution. It avoids the stress of trying to fit your furniture into a small moving van by yourself. In addition, the rates are quite reasonable and you can use the service to transport both large and small items.

With the single item delivery service, there is literally no hassle for you when it comes to moving fragile pieces of furniture. You simply have to get in touch with the movers and packers in your area, inform them your needs, and the rest is taken care of. Professional movers take up the responsibility of packing up your furniture. All you have to do is to provide the address where you wanted the items collected from and delivered to. The agency will assess the height, length, width, and weight of your item and give a price based on such details. The prices can also vary according to the size of the vehicle that is required to transport the items. Most single item delivery services deliver bulky items, valuable artwork and artifacts, collections, fragile musical instruments such as piano, and even provide temporary storage.

Single item delivery services employ the proper equipment required for the safe transportation of valuables.

Such delivery services are quite useful when you consider the fact that you have minimal involvement and no stress at all. Agencies offering single item delivery services do not require any packaging, documentation, or any tickets for courier. This makes it quite convenient.

The different options available in single item delivery

When it comes to single item delivery, you can decide against several options depending upon the size of the item you want to transport.

Shipping large items

When shipping large items, you can make use of the man with a van service. Typically, an entire vehicle can be booked and the items are delivered to your doorstep. This is extremely useful when you want to ship large items like beds, cupboards, and also for antiques, artifacts, and artwork. In such cases, however, do make sure that the service includes an assistant or two otherwise you may have to find someone to help you to load and unload the furniture. Some agencies may send only a driver for such services.

Shipping small items

If you want to ship small items such as jewelry, documents, and showpieces, you could easily use the courier service. It is extremely secure in case you want to ship highly valuable documents and relatively quick. In addition, the items are delivered through door to door services.

Budget shipping

If you prefer a service that is light on your pocket, then shared load services are just right for you. These are single item delivery services that employ a large vehicle and take orders from multiple customers shipping to or from nearby areas. This saves you from paying the cost for an entire vehicle. In addition, shipping costs are reduced, but there is no compromise on security.

Before choosing among these services consider all the important factors like cost, loading, unloading, and the size of the item. If you are shipping antiques or valuable artwork, make sure to ask for professionals who are experienced in handling such valuable items.

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