As exciting as it is, moving can also be quite a stressful experience. On top of that, if you are moving while being pregnant, the stress can be overwhelming. You have to worry about your health and safety and that of the baby, as well as the logistics of relocating to a different house or even maybe a different city.

To make your moving-while-pregnant experience much easier, here are a few practical tips that you can keep in mind.

  • Make sure you plan everything in advance to reduce stress

Moving requires plenty of planning and even more so if you are pregnant, which means that you will have to start planning months in advance. Stress can be very harmful to the baby and you, which is why you need to do everything to reduce it as much as possible. Planning ahead will ensure that moving day goes smoothly without any issues.

You can start with a to-do list, where you include all the moving-related tasks such as cleaning, packing, hiring movers, etc. Make sure that you include the dates and deadlines for each of these tasks so that you have a better understanding of how long it will take you to complete everything.

  • Find a doctor in your new area or city before you move

As a pregnant woman, you probably already know how difficult it can be to get an appointment with a new doctor. This is exactly why, if you are moving to a new area or city, finding a new doctor needs to be at the top of your to-do list. You don’t have to wait for weeks or even months before you are able to get an appointment.

Research the best hospitals and doctors in the area and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. You can even ask your current doctor for recommendations.

  • Talk to your doctor before moving day 

Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different so what is safe for one person may not be safe for you. So, before moving day arrives, make sure that you talk to your doctor first. Share every complaint, worry, or query that you may have and ensure that it is completely safe for you to participate in the moving process.

Of course, you should avoid moving around too much and any kind of heavy lifting, but make sure that your doctor gives you the green light to even lift lighter boxes. Ask your doctor about any precautions that you can take.

  • Hire professional movers to help you 

You have to understand that moving while pregnant will pose more challenges and limitations for you because you need to prioritize the safety of you and your baby. You may not be able to participate as much as you’d like in the moving process, but that is exactly what professional movers are there for!

It’s not just on moving day that you are going to need help from professionals. They can even help you with packing, loading and unloading, unpacking, and more. You can even hire cleaners to help you declutter and organize. Knowing that your move is taken care of by professionals help you have some peace of mind.

  • Be careful about bending and lifting 

Moving houses involves plenty of movements such as lifting and bending, which are not safe for pregnant women. When you are pregnant, your body relaxes a higher level of relaxin – a hormone that loosens the ligaments in your body that help with labor. This increases your chances of hurting yourself. Make sure that you are careful of common injuries such as carpal tunnel pain, joint problems, back strain, etc.

You can move your belongings in lighter and smaller amounts, even if it means you will have to go back and forth much more frequently. It is safer than carrying a heavy box at once.

  • Avoid harmful chemicals 

Be careful of the cleaning supplies that are used while moving. Make sure that they do not contain any toxic chemicals that could be a risk for you and the baby. Stay away from bleach and ammonia, and if possible, go for cleaning supplies made from all-natural ingredients. Also, always wear gloves while cleaning for extra safety.

  • Carry a moving-day kit that contains pregnancy essentials 

You are not going to unpack everything on the first day of moving itself, so remember to bring a moving-day kit with you. This could include a comfortable pillow or chair that you could sit on and rest, a comfortable change of clothes, your bathroom supplies, some kitchenware, chargers, as well as your pregnancy essentials such as body pillows, favorite snacks, and medications.

Moving while being pregnant doesn’t have to be so stressful if you plan well in advance using these tips we discussed above. Happy moving and stay safe!

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